Wind Mitigation Inspections

Today’s PHW Inspections Topic: Wind mitigation Inspections and Reports in SW Florida. Wind mitigation inspection is a type of inspection that homeowners can get to determine the ability of their home to withstand high wind events, such as hurricanes. This inspection is conducted by a licensed and trained Home Inspector or Contractor who is familiar with the specific requirements of the state of Florida.

The purpose of this inspection is to identify the features of the home that may reduce damage during a high wind event. These features can include hurricane-resistant windows and doors, roof-to-wall connections, hurricane straps, and bracing of gable ends. By identifying these features and ensuring they are installed correctly, homeowners may be able to qualify for insurance premium discounts.

In Florida, insurance companies are required by law to offer discounts to homeowners who have features that make their homes more resistant to wind damage. Wind mitigation inspection reports are used to demonstrate the presence and effectiveness of these features, which can result in significant savings on insurance premiums.

It’s important to note that wind mitigation inspection requirements and recommendations can vary depending on the age and construction of the home, as well as its location and other factors. Homeowners in Southwest Florida should work with a licensed and experienced inspector to ensure that their wind mitigation inspection is conducted thoroughly and accurately.


In SW Florida, homeowners and property owners may benefit from obtaining a wind mitigation report. The report is an assessment of the wind-resistant features of a building, which can help property owners identify potential areas of vulnerability and take measures to strengthen the building’s resistance to wind damage. In Southwest Florida, insurance companies may require a new report every 5 years.

In particular, the following groups may find a wind mitigation report useful:

  1. Homeowners: Homeowners in SW Florida may benefit from obtaining a wind mitigation report, as it can help them identify potential areas of vulnerability in their homes and take steps to strengthen their homes against wind damage.
  2. Property buyers: Property buyers may also want to obtain a wind mitigation report when purchasing a property in SW Florida. The report can provide valuable information about the building’s wind-resistant features and help buyers make an informed decision about the property’s condition and potential risks.
  3. Insurance companies: Insurance companies may require a wind mitigation report before issuing an insurance policy. The report can provide valuable information about the building’s wind-resistant features, which can help insurers assess the risk of wind damage and determine appropriate premiums.

It is always best practice to contact your Insurance Company and ask if they will require a wind mitigation report to insure the home you are about to purchase or if they require it for insurance renewal on your existing home.

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